That’s why we are calling for a commitment to Design for Sustainability wherever we go

By the end of this decade, we must radically reduce our impact on this planet to avoid catastrophic climate change. For the sake of the thousands of species whose existence is threatened, for the millions of vulnerable people who will be forced from their homes, and for the inspiring beauty that is life on this planet – we cannot fail.

But as designers, this is the environment we thrive in. We are innovative. We are creative. We are critical. Designers have a natural role to play in accelerating the sustainability transition. And so, as individuals and as an industry, we must join forces to reduce resource use, greenhouse gases and enable sustainable lifestyles. We must work toward embedding sustainability in our companies and in our projects as quickly as possible.

Let’s join forces and publicly commit to a common future

A commitment means that if you don’t know how to design for sustainability, you find out. If you don’t know where to start, you just take your first step. If it’s not on the agenda or the brief, you get it there. If it means searching for new opportunities elsewhere, you go out in the market and let employers know that you want to design for sustainability, because even this is pushing the needle in a world where every organisation is competing for talent.

 A commitment does not mean the work is done, it doesn’t mean that the solutions are clear, but it does mean that you’ve made a decision to explore different possibilities and you won’t be doing it alone. Let’s stand together and let the world know that we are ready to be positive change agents for the planet!

If you’re ready to commit to making design for sustainability a reality in your work and in your company, fill in your name and company below and we will display your name on this webpage along with the others who have also committed.

We hope that you are willing and able to commit to making a sustainable change with your work. Vincit commits to helping you do that. 

Will you join us?


By putting my name below, I am joining a united front of concerned but proactive designers. I will do my best to design for sustainability, to reduce resource use and emissions while enabling sustainable lifestyles with my design. Further, I commit to making every effort to embed sustainability into my organisation and my projects as quickly as possible.

109 committed

Andy Matias, Vincit
Carolina Faria, Vincit
Kimmo Kuisma, Vincit
Olli Laine, Vincit
Emma Ylivainio, Vincit
Anton Schubert, Self-employed
Mirkka Länsisalo, Gofore
Ricardo Brito, Doodle
Jarno Ojala, Vincit
André Santos, Aalto Design Factory
Stan Reimgen, Big Design
Martijn Hinfelaar, The Garage
Jesse Timmermans, The Garage
Beau Colin, The Garage
Esteve Pannetier,
Jane Vita, Digitalist
Angelos Arnis, Posti
Mika Matikainen, 💖
Fanny Karlsson, Vincit Oyj
Sami Koskela, Futurice
Heidi Majuri, Vincit
Yanna Vogiazou, Self-employed
Laura Lorenzo, A piece of Lemon Cake
Vesa Härkönen, LAB University of Applied Sciences
Rui Gorgulho, Big Design
Waliyah Sahqani, Futurice
Helmi Korhonen, Aalto University
Harri Kiljander, Yousician
Nicolas von Flittner, Scope
Susanna Nuutinen
Anastasiia Kozina, The Dot Podcast, Memocate
Sara De Moitie, Self employed
Lily Lin-Marsalo, Nonni Creative
Johannes Stock, Futurice
Kajsa Hasselström-Pere, Futurice
Philipp Schaefer, ExB Group
Niko Kavenius, Reaktor
Amanda Colliander
Anaëlle Charlemoine, Self-employed
Marika Taipalus, Self-employed
Olga Reimgen, Big Design
Steffen Halme, Vincit
Ville Kovanen, Fjord
Sernaz Naeena Ahmed, Tampere University
Jooeun Park, Aalto University
Niko Kavenius, Reaktor
Sara Gottschalk, Leapfrog Projects / Aalto Univeristy
Loan Le, Futurice
Max Fortmüller, Austrian Lotteries
Maria Lumiaho, Finnair
Saga Santala, KONE
Hironori Yokochi, WordDive
Annina Antinranta, Futurice
Satu Palojärvi, Flatdot
Steven Stannard
Benedikt Bandtlow
Mario Weisser, Mario Weisser - Industrial Design
Gonzalo Hernandez, Digitalist
Adriana Santamaría
Tuomas Ilander, Blokgarden
Merituuli Saario, Futurice
Gosia Guzik, Self-employed
Irina Lensu, Nordic Morning Finland
Talisa Dwiyani, Sabin Collective
Angela Wiggins, Earnest Journey
Helena Wataya, EY (Ernst & Young)
nathalia morales, Palo IT
Laura Korčulanin, Give a Shit project
Edwin Lieftink, Informaat
Elena Kyriakou
Greta Gawianski
Mark Reeves, Clearbold, LLC
Ekaterina Labinskaya, Grass
Eugenia Basti
María Carla Bozzano
Inge Keizer, Service Design College
Rick Carlson, ProNova Partners
Tyler Miller, 🔨
Hein-Willem Blokland, Living Systems
Bente Brunia, Random Studio
Ulugbey Karagoz, Aenigma
Melisa Altınsoy, Deloitte
Jari Marjomaa, Hansales OU
Andrea Möhl
Jasmin Kastner, Design3 interactive
Shreya Sood, Aalto University
Pamela Silva Diaz, PamLab Design and Engineering
Gloria Biberger,
Koto, ReSources the Project
Anu Sauramaa, Vattenfall
Fuchsia Claire Sims, Adventure Junky
Jonas Hauptman, Virginia Tech, BioDesign Group
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Desiree, Atelier Bergwiese
Ingo Waclawczyk, Kps
Jonna Tötterman, Vincit
Eveliina Salomaa, Vincit
Erno Kangas, Vincit
Heini Kauppinen, Vincit
Tommi Tikkanen, Vincit
Janne Airo, Vincit
Minni Kanerva, Vincit
Tobias Martin, Vincit
Steffen Halme, Vincit
Annika Halonen, Vincit
Lauri Sumari, Vincit

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