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Business as usual is out of sync with the needs of the planet and efforts to address the global environmental crises of today have been far too little. Accelerating the sustainability transition and navigating the complexity that comes with it is a must-win battle for organizations.

To accelerate the transition to sustainability, we must think differently about how we design for the future and how we develop technology to integrate the needs of the planet. Planet Centric Design uses new tools to co-create Desirable Futures and Sustainable Digitalization creates innovative new services that address the needs of the planet while enhancing our client’s business performance.

Desirable futures

Why it is important

More and more, consumers are developing new values and governments are building new metrics for responsible business. Adapting to these changes requires critical and creative thinking, out-of-the-box ideas and seemingly preposterous visions.

But sustainability is a global, intergenerational problem that organizations are not programmed to address and what we imagine our future to be is confined by the destructive logic of today. This all means that the algorithm for a profitable business needs serious calibration and reconfiguration before a system bug turns into a system crash.


What it is about

Desirable Futures empowers you to think differently about your organization’s role in a sustainable world by hacking your legacy strategy to probe, prototype and unleash a new model for sustainability-driven innovation.

Whether your organization needs a sustainable plug-in, or a new operating system, Desirable Futures is the navigation bar on the journey to a responsible vision, profitable business opportunities and transparent services.

Key Activities

Visions for the Future

Co-create your sustainability vision that is systemic, responsible and transparent.

Service & Product Concepts

Conceptualize new planet-centric services & products in planet-centric design sprints.

Strategic Pathways

Co-create a roadmap of actions and unblocking barriers with our toolkit.

Change Management

Measuring success and navigating complexity of large-scale transitions over time.

Network Management

Interaction coordination among diverse stakeholders. Bringing in relevant expertise from academia and civil society.

Capacity Building

Develop new capabilities to tackle complex sustainability issues.

Sustainable Digitalisation

Why it is important

Today, nearly all aspects of our modern lives are influenced by software and digital services. Although digitalization can seem like the ultimate upgrade to some, impacts have not all been positive. In many ways, digital systems have made it even easier to extract, consume and waste resources as the material world becomes masked behind a digital interface. Further, technology is not a neutral tool. It is embedded with the values and social software of people. So being conscious of what we incentivize people to do with technology can influence whether people act sustainably or not.


What it is about

Sustainable digitalization connects data, users and natural resources in innovative new ways that measurably reduce waste and emissions while enabling sustainable lifestyles.
Driven by different thinking and desirable futures, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and service design create business opportunities for your organization with enhanced resource efficiency and transparent digital services that increase brand value. Importantly, sustainable digitalization opens up the black box created by digital technology, to make the connection between people’s actions and natural resources understandable and sustainable choices easy.

Key Activities

Operational Analysis

Measure resource use and target waste with embedded software, IoT and data analytics. Optimising resource use with data-driven decision-making.

Network Mapping

Understand key drivers in your business ecosystem and identify leverage points for change.

Green Coding

Efficient software development and sustainable digital infrastructure.

Planet Centric Service Design

Build digital services by connecting people, data and resources in new ways that enables sustainable behaviour and circular resource use.

Transparent Digital Design

Bringing the impact of value-chains to users to inform and enable sustainable choices. Open-source solutions, knowledge sharing for greater impact.

User Research

Understand users to design behaviour change and make sustainable choices easy and desirable.


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